Department of Systems Engineering

Department of Systems Engineering

Department of Systems Engineering

The Department of Systems Engineering was established in 2009 under the name of “Department of Internet Engineering” to cope with the vast development of Internet technologies. The department as renamed in 2014 to become “Department of Systems Engineering” to widen aspects and cover different up to date and future systems. The Students who fulfill the terms of the program will award Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering.

The curriculum has been prepared according to international standards, with state-of-the-art laboratories including the latest apparatus, computers, and software. Out of keenness to develop and maintain modern scientific department, the adoption of quality standards and accreditation has been maintained.

Vision and Mission:

To become one of the prestigious engineering disciplines in the Middle East in innovation and leadership in the field of systems engineering, which include the design of modern control systems, robot systems, systems of surveillance and remote control engineering.


The Department aims through the implementation of its mission to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide students with the basics of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of systems engineering.
  • Improve the professional abilities of students in the direction of the analytical and creative thinking to resolve obstacles and choose the best solution.
  • Preparation of qualified engineers is commensurate with the responsibilities that await them in the workplace.
  • Add a touch of scientific expertise, empirical methods, the use of various computer techniques, report writing, learn to communicate with others and instill a sense of teamwork style work skills.
  • Focus on basic scientific research and its role in serving the community and solving its problems and to encourage members of the faculty and students in the study of the beneficiaries’ needs and provide advice and propose appropriate solutions.

Graduates Description and Work Fields:

Systems engineer will gain all the academic qualifications and technical skills allowing him/her to perform the following tasks:

  • Study and analyze the various engineering systems.
  • Design and construct of scientific and computerized industrial Systems using PLCs .
  • Design and Implement Microcontrollers for systems automation and improve its performance.
  • Study and analysis the techniques of robot systems and their applications and autonomous systems UAVs.
  • Design of programs and applications to control and manage systems remotely and via networks (NetworkControlled Systems) or using Cloud Computing.
  • Responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of engineering systems.