The department of network engineering was established in 2009 where it admitted its first batch of students by the Central Admission Plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the academic year 2009/2010. The specialization of this department was considered as one of the new directions, where the information revolution and data transmission and the urgent need to provide networks communications able to keep up with cutting-edge applications day after day. The network engineering department is the first department open in this specialization at the level of the country.

The academic programs of the department were formed to be in accordance with international contexts used in prestigious universities in the world to cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of the field of specialization. The graduates of this department will be awarded Bachelor of Science degree in Networks Engineering. The B.Sc. program is a 4-year semester based system with a total of 144 credit hours.

The department established a Master of Science (M.Sc.) program named “Networks Engineering and Internet Technologies” to encourage researches and students for developing academic and research skills as well as provide specialists in networks engineering.


To be a realistic and distinguished program in network engineering in Baghdad and the region that is recognized for high-quality networks engineers.


  1. Prepare practitioner-oriented network engineering and future leaders.
  2. Adopting a sensitive to change in technology credit-hours based curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the dominant and growing computer networking industries in Baghdad.
  3. Deliver high-quality state-of-the-art research both theoretical and applied.
  4. Strengthen partnerships that facilitate the collaboration of computer networking industry, government, and education.
  5. Support technological development and innovation that meet the needs of the local community.
  6. Processes for program evaluation must accommodate the variations among Networks engineering programs.


The graduates of the Department of Networks Engineering will be:

  1. Productive and practitioner Engineers.
  2. Professional Engineers capable of solving the realistic projects who apply technological solutions to business needs.
  3. Researchers that contribute to the development and innovation of the computer networking fields.
  4. Prepared for both technical (design ability, laboratory experiences, use of engineering tools) and non-technical (teamwork, communication) elements that support economic and social development of the local community.
  5. Learners who can always improve the professional knowledge.

Graduates Work Fields:

  • Mobile Operator companies
  • Telecommunications and Networking companies
  • Government organizations datacenters
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Network Academic Institutes