About the College

About the College

The College of Information Engineering has been established in 2002, under the title “College of Information Technology” to be one of the leading institutes in the field of Information Technology in Iraq. Later in 2005 and due to the convergence of information technology and Communications it was renamed to “College of Information Engineering”. A wide and deep revision of the curriculum has been performed and benchmark with international identical institutes. For more than 17 years, the College of Information Engineering at Al-Nahrain University has been advancing in every aspect. The college is committed to pursuing excellence in education as well as providing an environment for personal growth and development. As one of the few information engineering colleges in Iraq, the college vision is to be excelling as a national leader institute in ICT education and research. The college is a member of the Arab Association for Information Technology Institutes (AAITI).

The college of Information Engineering planned to exploit the experience and knowledge of its staff for the community service through the Information Engineering Consultancy Bureau which was established in 2009. Since then the bureau provides services to governmental and private organizations.

The College of Information Engineering grants three Bachelor of Science, three Master of Science, and one Doctor of Philosophy programs. Each of our academic programs provides a challenging curriculum and an encouraging environment to allow students to enhance their knowledge, leadership, and communication skills and enable integrating techniques and technologies from Cisco and Microsoft that will have a positive impact by providing students with opportunities for practical as well as theoretical education. To meet international standards, all the aforementioned academic programs are English language based in all parts of the academic process.

The current college academic staff are dedicated to meet the educational requirements of the programs and help to graduate and prepare qualified individuals for information and communication engineering professions or further study in their field.


To be pioneers in excellence in higher education specialized in information and communication engineering, networks, and systems at the local and regional levels.


Providing a high level of educational and academic environment to enable students, teachers and the community to actively contribute to the construction and advancement of information technology through continuous development of academic programs and researches that serve the community.


The College aims to prepare a distinguished engineering cadre with a high degree of knowledge, skills and experience to be leaders in their future business centers. This is achieved through the following:

  • Effective management and optimal use of the facilities and resources of the College and its development according to established standards.
  • Develop comprehensive academic programs with future visions consistent with the continuous change in the needs and requirements of the labor market in the light of local, regional and international academic standards.
  • Deepening the academic culture in the fields of communication and information technology among students.
  • Integration of the academic side of the study in the fields of communication and information technologies, networks and systems in the application aspect.
  • Develop learning methods, education and training for students and equip them with knowledge and skills that are compatible with the requirements of the labor market and the needs of society.
  • Attracting distinguished faculty members with multiple competencies and different skills in the field of communication and information technologies, networks and systems.
  • Adopting a culture of total quality and continuous improvement in the educational and research process.
  • To enrich theoretical and applied knowledge in accordance with the ethical and social standards of society and to disseminate the culture and ethics of scientific research.
  • Strengthening cooperation between the college and other colleges and scientific research centers locally, regionally and globally.
  • Focus on research that is practical and beneficial to society.
  • Develop the functional capacities of the participants and provide training opportunities and obtain a higher certificate of teaching staff and management and reward outstanding work and encourage creative thinking.
  • Providing students with the latest sources of learning, knowledge and modern technology to develop their abilities in innovation, leadership, self-learning, teamwork and competition.
  • Providing student services and encouraging students to develop their social, professional and academic skills.
  • Support continuing education and counseling for development and society.


The core values ​​of the college are to provide high-quality programs in teaching, learningو and scientific research, and to provide consultation in the fields of communication, information, networks and systems for different sectors. Through its various programs, Sectors of industry and formal and semi-official work in the fields of research and development. The College seeks to establish the following values:

  • Skill: A personal commitment to work hard and professionally to ensure the graduation of high-quality students.
  • Integrity: It means honesty, justice and openness to constructive criticism.
  • Responsibility: Recognize all faculty members that they have a collective responsibility towards society.
  • Flexibility: the desire to learn, develop new skills and build new responsibilities.
  • Creativity: Fully prepared for the development of the faculty’s specialization.
  • Leadership: Ability to effectively manage the team and invest available resources.
  • Working as a team: Willingness to work with others regardless of cultural diversity.