Since the establishment of the Networks Engineering Department in 2009 and so far, this department has provided, through employment records, government institutions with graduates able to design and build networks to solve existing dilemmas. The department seeks to develop its curriculum through the development of the syllabus of its subjects in the system of courses and then the system of electives conforming with the world’s rapid scientific progress in the field of network engineering and Internet technologies in addition to building a good reputation with our rigorous graduates. Our ambition is to improve the quality and obtain the ABET accreditation to become one of the best universities in Baghdad city.

As students, you will find that there is a tendency to build strong bridges between the network engineering department and the need of private companies, government institutes and the interest of the student so that the graduate is placed in the right place and thus benefits from the four-year period of study to identify the real problems. I am pleased to welcome you to this department and to Al-Nahrain University and I hope you will find what you are looking for, whether as academics, researchers or students.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ammar E. Abdulkareem
Head of Department of Networks Engineering