The Department of Information and Communication Engineering is the nucleus of the College of Information Engineering, which was established with the establishment of the College since the beginning of 2002. The department includes three teaching and research programs which in turn prepare qualified engineering cadres with the ability to create and innovate to meet the needs of the labor market in the field of ICT. The programs include Bachelor’s degree (four years), Master’s degree (two years: preparatory year and research year) and PhD (three years of study: preparatory year, followed by comprehensive examination and two years of research). The department contains a number of applied laboratories to cover practical topics in addition to research laboratory for research purposes. The faculty members of the department are distinguished by their high scientific efficiency and high-quality ethics, who are working hard and dedicated to conveying knowledge to our dear students. The department is constantly updating the curricula to keep pace with the scientific development process and to suit the requirements of the labor market in order to protect our students. In conclusion, we ask God to help us in the process of providing all that contributes to raise the scientific and academic level to achieve scientific rigor within the standards of international quality assurance.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed F. Abdulkareem
Head of Information and Communication Engineering Department