The postgraduate Information and Communications Engineering program grants a Doctor of Philosophy degree to graduates. It is a three-year program divided into one preparation year and two years for project. The following is a description for this program:

Ph.D. in Information & Communications Engineering
Year Units Semester Units
First (Preparation) 24 1 12
2 12
Second and Third (Project) 36

The following applicants who hold an M.Sc. in Engineering with the following background are allowed admission for this program:

  1. Information and Communications Engineering
  2. Networks Engineering and Internet Technologies
  3. Information Engineering

Study Plan:

  1. English Language I
  2. English Language II
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Advance DSP
  5. Advanced Information Systems
  6. Broadband Communications
  7. Soft Computing
  8. Advance Data Compression and Technologies
  9. Advance Multimedia Communications
  10. Advance Network Security
  11. Wireless Sensor Network