Al-Nahrain University, represented by the College of Information Engineering, has achieved an important achievement by winning its project (establishing a laboratory specialized in the field of modern communication networks to train students and graduates) within the competitive financing projects for the transition from education to the labor market led by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and financially supported by the World Bank. The project was presented by the teachers at the College of Information Engineering, Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Abdul Rahman Kazim and Professor Dr. Ali Sadiq Abdul Hadi, with the active participation of the private sector represented by (Earthlink Communications) and (Taleem for Training and Qualifying Human Cadres, Human Resources Services and Education Services for Development / Ltd.). This victory came after passing several stages of competition, where in the final stage, six projects were selected from among the thirty final projects submitted by all public and private universities.
The project mainly aims to provide a laboratory that provides practical training for students and graduates in the field of modern communication networks and keeps pace with the great development witnessed in recent years in the patterns of laboratory devices, platforms and software for modern communication networks. The laboratory will provide advanced training programs that raise the efficiency of graduates and students in the completed stages of study that simulate international programs through the presence of a high-level training cadre at the college and university, and benefit from the experience of the two partners from the private sector. The training programs, in addition to the category of students and graduates, target postgraduate students and former graduates from the university and abroad, as an attempt to bridge the technological and knowledge gap in the field of networks and communications in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market. Therefore, the project is of great importance by increasing employment opportunities.