Two faculty members in the Computer Network Engineering Department, Assistant Lecturer Ayman Muhammad Hassan, and Assistant Lecturer Salem Abdul-Latif Muhammad Ali won the Best Research Award Participant in the International Conference:

(CORET 2021) The 2nd Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology Research

In Malaysia via the Skype platform for their participation in their search tagged:

Implementation of Parallel Components of High Dynamic Images Algorithm using FPGA

The department presidency and the college deanship have blessed the effort made by the teaching staff to raise the level of sober scientific research presented by the faculty members.


Abstract :

High Dynamic Range (HDR) image capture and reproduction have been an essential area to investigate by researchers, especially after the escalating acceleration in computer processing capabilities and the widespread use of digital cameras. In this paper, parallel components of the HDR algorithm are employed using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to produce HDR images. The implementation involves different pre-processing stages to separate images, color matrices, and then group the similar colors to perform a series of arithmetic operations. In consequence, the algorithm has inherited parallelism to exploit so that the FPGA provides parallel computational speed. The algorithm is implemented using Simulink and ModelSim-Altera MATLAB software to produce the response curve and HDR color components signals. After performing the tone mapping, the results show that the HDR image provides much greater details and truer color.