Within the cooperation mechanism signed between the COIE  and the Higher Institute for Security and Administrative Development in the Ministry of Interior, members of the faculty staff from the college participated in the thesis Defense of the Higher Diploma of Information Technology and Security Branch student’s (Captain Raja Maher Abdel Razzaq) defended Her thesis entitled :

Car over speeding detection project

Under the supervision of assistant Prof. Dr. Ammar Abdul Malik Abdul Karim.

And (Captain Saif Abdel Nabi Abdel Hassan) defended His thesis entitled :

Student graduation management information system

Under the supervision of Dr. Osama Ibrahim Khalaf, on Thursday, 5/21/2020.

The discussion committee included :

Assistant Prof. Dr. Osama Ali Awad / Chairman

and membership of each of

Dr. Rabah Aboud Ahmed.

Dr. Laheeb Mohamed.

After the discussion, the students fulfilled the requirements for success and acceptance of the message.