Under the direction of the Dean of the College
The Department of Systems Engineering organizes an initiative for training graduates and students in the field of embedded systems and controllers, through free courses and at three levels: elementary – intermediate – advanced.
The training takes place in the laboratories of the Systems Engineering Department, which are equipped with all the tools for the embedded systems working environment, and it includes the training curriculum
The following paragraphs:

1 – Introduction and basics of embedded systems and Arduino
2 – Digital and analog signals
3 – Install the Arduino IDE
4 – the basics of the Arduino C language
5 – Arduino with PIR, DHT, gas detector, LCD, ultrasonic, LM 35, IR sensors
6 – Arduino with Bluetooth
7 – Arduino with servo, DC, stepper motor
8 – Arduino generate PWM
9 – Control mobile car rebot by Bluetooth
10 -Line follower mobile car robot
11 – Obstacle avoidance Mobile car robot
For additional information about the course, please contact the official college page on Facebook or visit the Systems Engineering Department.