Faculty and Staff

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Zeki AL-FAIZ

Prof. Dr. Naser N. Khamis

Communications Engineering / Image processing

Prof. Dr. Bayam M. Sabar

Head of Department (Communications Engineering / Signal Processing)

Prof. Dr. Mahmood K. Ibraheem

Computer Sciences / Information Security and Networks

Asst. Prof. Dr. Osama A. Awad

Control and Systems Engineering / Control Engineering and Automation

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rajaldeen Abd Khalid

Communication Systems Engineering / Spread Spectrum Communication Systems

Dr. Hiba Z. Zaydan

Computer Sciences / Network Security

Dr. Jabbar I. Abd

PhD in Political Sciences

Asst. Lecturer Abdulhakeem A. Abdulameer

Software Engineering / Information Hiding

Asst. Lecturer Abbas K.Abbas

Computer Engineering / Software systems

Asst. Lecturer Ziad A. Karam

DEPARTMENT RAPPORTEUR(Engineering control and systems / Mechatronics Engineering)

Asst. Lecturer Khansa D. Ismaeel

Asst. Lecturer Zaid Shafeq

Information Engineering / Information Engineering

Asst. Lecturer Safa N. Nafeh