Prof.Dr. Bayan M. Sabbar, Head of the Systems Engineering Department, participated in the third international scientific conference entitled (Transition to Knowledge Economy: Challenges, Smart Opportunities, and Innovation), which was held by the American University in Dubai from 8 to 10 August 2020. With three joint research papers with researchers, Maryam Khalifa Aboud, a Ph.D. student, Fatima Abdul Nabi Salman, a Ph.D. student, and Sherine Maqsad Abd Zaid, who recently obtained a master’s degree.

And Dr. Bayan M.Sabbar gave the third research entitled:

“Digital Forensic Investigation Framework Model for the Republic of Iraq”

Which prompted a meaningful discussion by the attendees and organizers of the conference.

This conference aims to provide a platform for dialogue for academics, experts and policy-makers and to participate in presenting many realistic solutions and innovations for the latest research, studies, scientific and practical methods that are not traditional to overcome the challenges of the current era and move towards the knowledge economy. The scientific conference includes several scientific and applied axes related to the knowledge economy, such as digital transformation and advanced information technology, entrepreneurship, the security of all kinds, strategic and international studies, education sector, design and fine arts, media and advertising, law, hotel tourism and the equestrian industry.