Within the activities of the Network Engineering Department for the first semester, the department held a seminar entitled ” Modern Authentication Techniques in Smart Phones” given by Dr.Laheeb  Mohammed Jawad.

Seminar summary:

Today, user authentication is a core topic in the field of information security. Presently, peoples are moving from the Internet society to a mobile society where huge access to information is required. This has resulted in mobile security which is become necessary. Smartphone authentication has received significant attention from the research community for the past several years because there have been modern developments beyond the classical passwords making user authentication more challenging. This presentation focuses firstly on classifying the authentication method into three types: Knowledge-based method, possession method, and identity-based method. After that, analyzing authentication techniques for the smartphone via categorized these techniques into two main types: recognition-based technique and recall-based technique. Furthermore, the comparisons between them based on security parameters are explained and the usage comparison is also discussed. Also, various core approaches are explained with its algorithm. Finally, the open issues are discussed in detail to get a suitable solution for enhancing the weaknesses in several previous methods.

A number of professors and engineers from the college attend this seminar and a discussion session follows where questions and answers are shared.