On Monday  the 31th of Aug. 2020, 09:00 AM, the Ph.D. student “Shereen Sadiq Jumaa“defended her thesis entitled:

High-Performance Technique For Finger Vein Identification An Verification By Template Protection”

The discussion committee included:

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Z. Al-Faez / College of Information Engineering / Chairman.

Prof.Dr. Eyad A. Abbas / College of Information Engineering / Member.

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Y. Hassan / University of Technology / Department of Control and Systems Engineering / Member.

Prof.Dr. Walaa M. Hassan / Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Engineering / Member.

Assist.Prof.Dr. Luay E. George / University of Information and Communication Technology / Member.

Prof. Khamis Awad Zaidan / Iraqi University / College of Engineering / Member and supervisor.

The discussion was also attended by the dean, the head of the department, and a number of faculty members. The student fulfilled the requirements for obtaining a doctoral degree with a degree of (very good).