LaTeX is a text-editing package best known for its simple and easy dealing with equations and various symbols. LaTeX has been used for typesetting scientific documents as well as many professional publishers for many years. LATEX automatically numbers your equations and figures, lays content out according to strict style rules so as to obtain a readable, polished finish, and rarely gets in the way of the task of writing.

In this workshop, we will start by briefly talking about the basic structure of a scientific paper, and then covering the most essential LaTeX commands. Furthermore, I introduce many of the LATEX commands and concepts required to produce a reasonable scientific document of any length, emphasising some of simple things. “LaTeX user’s guide and reference manual” is the most commonly used reference book (I have it) in case you are looking for some specific things.

In this workshop you write your first scientific paper in LATEX in just under 10 minutes. We will use the class file provided by the publisher to format our document. Simply by changing the first line of your earlier file, we should have a paper formatted as required by the publisher

What Do I Need? To start working with LATEX, you will need LATEX compiler and a text editor!

Please download the software regarding the incoming workshop for LATEX.


Dr. Ammar E. Al-Qassab