The great challenges in our contemporary world have led to a wide development in the field of engineering and technology and to open research horizons and broad job opportunities in multiple fields such as information and communications engineering, computer networks and multimedia, cloud computing, website design, artificial intelligence, data mining, internet of things, Systems engineering, automation and many more.
We at the College of Information are working to help students to gain a solid foundation in engineering science and technology in all undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs at one of the leading specialist colleges at Al-Nahrain University. The College of Information Engineering is a place for innovation and creativity and its faculty members have a high level of practical, research and teaching experience holding doctorate and master’s degrees from prestigious universities from different countries such as Britain, Poland, Denmark, Japan, Russia, Malaysia and India, etc. They also have many success stories by interacting with students through guiding them in doing Classroom and extra-curricular activities.
Our college is characterized by the presence of specialized laboratories that simulate modern digital information technology. The college also has a center for Cisco Software Solutions Academy, a training center for performing computer efficiency exams licensed by Microsoft and integrated servers for data management and websites, providing students, researchers and trainees with a solid training in the applied knowledge side of information technology. The graduates of this college are distinguished for their performance and their high experience due to the creative experiences they are exposed to during their studies. This was one of the reasons that they have excellent chances in searching for job opportunities. In addition to the academic process, the Deanship of the College is interested in providing student clubs that provide distinctive social and cultural life and activities for students.
In line with the vision of the college, which we seek to be a leading college in innovation and knowledge diffusion, we are proud of the faculty who always work and engage in the work of scientific research, innovation and development and publish their articles in prestigious scientific journals worldwide. We also take pride in our distinguished relations and seminars that we hold in cooperation with local and international associations and institutions, allowing our students to follow the rapid change taking place in industries and their needs.
We welcome you to the College of Information Engineering to work together to provide graduates with high levels for our beloved country and the region and you will be in sufficient levels to compete for job opportunities worldwide in the future. I would like to invite you to visit our page on the Internet and see the undergraduate and graduate programs in the various departments of the college.

Professor Dr. Hikmat Najem Abdullah
Dean of college of Information Engineering