On Sunday morning, 27/6/2021, the College of Information Engineering hosted the “Al-Tameer” company, the leading company in the field of information technology and smart systems, according to the company’s cooperation and desire to employ a number of graduates of previous years from our college in order to support and encourage the conscious and superior youth in their field of specialization and the company’s need For disciplines close to its field of work, which she found in college graduates.

Accordingly, a workshop was held today to meet and interview students applying to work with the administrative and technical side of the company, during which a brief presentation of the departments and nature of the company’s work was held. The discussion was opened to answer all inquiries, and the workshop was also attended by a number of faculty and staff members in the college. The Deanship of the College of Information Engineering appreciates these efforts to contain the graduate students and integrate them into the labor market and invites the rest of the private sector companies to conduct similar workshops and seminars to employ students.