The A.L Nour N. Fadel, from the Department of Computer Networks Engineering, in cooperation with A.L Suhad Q. Naim and A.L Azhar H. Nehma, from the Information and Communications Engineering Department, published scientific research in a solid international journal within the Scopus databases with an impact factor.
(citescore 2.0), which is published by the publishing house:
(Institute Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES))
The research was published under the title:

(Enhancement of WiMAX networks using OPNET modeler platform)

A large-scale simulation study to evaluate the performance of the WiMAX network to support “VOIP” traffic and conduct
A number of changes in bandwidth and multipath and study their impact on the results.
The benefit derived from the research is to help researchers choose the best bandwidth as well as the most appropriate path type to get the best results.

Enhancement of WiMAX networks using OPNET modeler platform