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This bureau was established in 2009; out of the urgent need for a consultant within the bureau of modern disciplines simulate global development and information under the name of (Information Engineering Consultancy Bureau).
Recently the name was changed in mid-2013 to Consulting Engineering bureau – college of Information Engineering, to cover all aspects of traditional consulting offices in addition to the college specialization. The Bureau provides consultancy services in various aspects such as Design - Studies - check designs - Overseeing the implementation, setting standards and other various services. In addition to what can be provided by the office of consulting services and design in aspects of civil and architectural engineering and construction works and various related systems. The bureau is proud of its ability to cover different aspects of Information Engineering, Communications & Networks, wired and wireless applications, Web applications, E-government applications, E-commerce and mobile phone networks, information and networks security, monitoring of TV networks, vehicles tracking systems using GPS technology, providing security solutions for enterprises and individuals and databases, banks and financial transactions, and geographic information systems (GIS) with its applications Environmental, health, industrial, agricultural and other fields.


Bureau Activities:

The most important work completed or in progress, which was attended by the engineering
consulting bureau:
1. Consulting engineering works for Dezlat Hyundai stations fast monument in Baghdad and a number of provinces, and the Ministry of  Electricity.
2. Consulting engineering works in Hadetha Dezlat station and the Ministry of Electricity.
3. Advisory services to create a network of banking system in all branches of ACB in Iraq and the Ministry of Finance.
4. Construction of health geographical map system for the city of Baghdad for Ministry of Health.
5. Being the Advisory (check designs and schedules quantities and oversee the implementation) to set up a cultural city for the kids – for Ministry of Culture.
6. Group of Studies and panel discussions, Contributed by the office for the benefit of different views, mostly government and some of them resulted in the projects under study or shown as offers :-
    - A study on the design and implementation of networked systems for communication and exchange of data using (LTE) technology.
    - Vehicles Tracking using the integrated network and using (GPS) system.
    - Study on e-trading electronically via the World Wide Web and store information using databases.

    - Monitor and collect data on the environment and linked to a central interactive network for different applications.
   - CCTV surveillance and linked computer networks for security applications.
   - A Study on e-government in Iraq - Reality and Ambition and implementation steps.
   - A study on the implementation of modern communications networks in Iraq.
   - Security solutions for data transfer and security networks.

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