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Deputy Dean for Academic and student Affairs is one of the joints that are based upon the Deanship of the Faculty to pursue teaching and research plans and scientific and cultural activities at the college.

Tasks and duties of the Office of Academic Deputy Dean:

  1. Lecturing and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  2. Assist senior management in college in setting goals and drawing plans and strategies in the scientific field and take the necessary decisions.
  3. Supervising the implementation of plans, programs and policies set forth by the people and units to ensure the safety and accuracy of implementation and compliance.
  4. Provide for the development of administrative and structural organization of the College of proposals to convert general goals and plans to sub - goals and activities and apply the principles of quality management in all areas.
  5. Organize lectures weekly tables and final exams tables in coordination with the scientific departments.
  6. Follow-up students attendance and discipline in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
  7. Check acceptance of graduate students and the follow-up to the end of their studies in terms of duration of the study and degree requirements.
  8. Study the training needs of workers and their nomination of courses to develop their skills and capabilities to provide rehabilitation and training opportunities necessary.
  9. Follow-up to the daily work in order to improve and raise the level of performance.
  10. Work on the development and build team spirit among the team of subordinates and encourage them to cooperate and provide assistance to new suggestions and constructive views for the development of performance down to achieve self - innovation .
  11. Follow-up students inside and outside Iraq and to issue necessary orders about them.
  12. Supervise and ensure the contribution of all the different functional activities within divisions and organizational units in achieving goals of The College and the process of teaching and educational access of general purpose and optimum quality.



Office consists of a number of divisions and units attached to it to carry out the tasks entrusted to him, as follows:

  1. Registration Division:The Registration Division tasks student registration (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) and follow up on their findings, final results, study continuity and the issuance of written support for the study and graduation documents and related management activities of student affairs.
  2. Library Division:Library Division holds and maintain the of Library records for both branches; free education, reference books and electronic library. Also they hold loan and follow it back to the library. The library also holds the library renovation and the purchase of new books to meet the requirements of the scientific departments and keep up with the evolution of science and technology.
  3. Division of Scientific and Cultural Affairs: This Division is responsible of administration of scholarships files and follow it until the end of their studies and their enrollment in college. The Division is also responsible of preparing plans for seminars, conferences, workshops and cultural activities in coordination with the scientific departments and follow - up implementation, documentation and media by the presidency of the university.
  4. Information Technology Unit:This unit is responsible of the management and maintenance of all IT devices (computers, printers, scanners, monitors, video conferences facilities, projector devices, etc.). It is also responsible of running and maintaining the central management of the Internet network and data center for all university servers. Recently IT unit start to host websites of all colleges of the university.
  5. Continuous Education Unit:This unit is responsible of planning a continuous education courses in coordination with the scientific departments and management of these courses and the granting of the participants and graduation certificates.
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