• Welcome ...
  • Since establishment in 2002 our ambition never stopped
  • Success in leadership evolved college programs
  • Organized laboratories
  • in basic
  • and advanced topics
  • we seek up to date references and our library is expanding
  • Faculty collaboration for elearning methods
  • We periodically hold activities ... participation is wide
  • and effective ...
  • Joint college-ministries projects plan is working
  • we practice ... design ... implement using our own datacenter
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • in different fields
  • in different fields
  • We are specialized ...
  • and our graduated engineers are distinguished.

Dear Visitor,

College of Information Engineering is seeking to achieve excellence through solid academic programs which have been formulated and revised to keep pace with progress in information technologies and harmonized with similar programs in sober foreign universities. Also, it takes upon itself the education, training and research mission to have a prominent role in building the digital society that aspire to developed countries in the world of graduate engineers specialized in the field of information, communications, networks and systems technology mixed with professional character that contribute to the building of modern Iraqi society.

All college related information will be posted through this website (under construction at the time being.) Our technical staff is gathering efforts to complete it and shape it in the required form. I welcome you and feel free to contact us via our contact list.

Best Regards,
Professor Dr. Muhammed Z. Al-Faiz
College Dean

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