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  • Since establishment in 2002 our ambition never stopped
  • Success in leadership evolved college programs
  • Organized laboratories
  • in basic
  • and advanced topics
  • we seek up to date references and our library is expanding
  • Faculty collaboration for elearning methods
  • We periodically hold activities ... participation is wide
  • and effective ...
  • Joint college-ministries projects plan is working
  • we practice ... design ... implement using our own datacenter
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • in different fields
  • in different fields
  • We are specialized ...
  • and our graduated engineers are distinguished.

In 2002, the college of Information Technology is established and be the first in Iraq in the field of information technology to keep up with scientific and cognitive development in this area. Its goal is to prepare the cadres specialized and able to take it upon themselves to keep up with the rapid development in the information technology field.

In 2005 and in view of the rapid development and convergence of information and communications Faculty Council has found that it is necessary to modify the college's name to "College of Information Engineering" and expand their specializations to include telematics technologies and modified academic programs under the new perspective of the college. 

The first department under the name of Information Engineering (named later on, the department of Information and Communications Engineering)  is established in 2002. The first batch of students is accepted; with a quarter based three-year study program, based on the special admission of the university at that time. This study system was changed to four-study year program in 2005.

In 2009, the department of Networks Engineering is established and the first batch of students where accepted from the central admission system run by the Ministry of higher education and scientific research. The academic program in this department follows the international academic programs in their counterparts around the world.

The college also created the Office of Information Consulting Engineers in 2009 to provide the society with the expertise of engineering in the field of communications and information technology, has been the center shares in the short time since its inception in counseling for many government projects, and strives to expand its activities to the private sector institutions like the government sector.
In 2010, Another department was established under the name of Internet Engineering (Changed to Systems Engineering in 2014). The goal is to prepare qualified engineers with high skills in their specialty. The study plan is designed with high standards and the labs were equipped with up-to-date apparatus and computers.
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