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  • Since establishment in 2002 our ambition never stopped
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  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
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  • in different fields
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In a glance

The College has been established at 2002, under the title "College of Information Technology" to be one of the leading institutes in the field of Information Technology. Later on 2005 and due to the convergence of the information technology and Communication it was renamed to "College of Information Engineering". A wide and deep revision to the curriculum has been performed and benchmarked with international identical institutes. For more than 8 years, the College of information Engineering (CIE) at AL-Nahrain University has been advancing in every aspect. The college is committed to pursuing excellence in education as well as providing an environment for personal growth and development. As one of few information engineering colleges in Iraq, our vision is to be excelling as a national leader institute in information and communication Engineering (ICE) education and research. CIE is a member of the Arab Association for Information Technology Institutes (AAITI).
Three Program Directions

CIE planned to exploit the experience and knowledge of its staff for the community service through the Information Engineering Consultancy (IEC) which was established in 2009. Since then the center provide its services to a governmental and private organization. CIE College offers 3-degree B. Sc programs and 2 degree M. Sc. programs. Each of our academic programs provides a challenging curriculum and an encouraging environment to allow students to enhance their knowledge, leadership, and communication skills and enable partnerships development with Cisco, ICDL, and International Computer Associations that will have a positive impact by providing students with opportunities for practical as well as theoretical education.The current college academic staff are dedicated to meet the educational requirements of the programs and help to graduate and prepare qualified individuals for information and communication engineering profession or further study in their field.
Mission Statement

The mission of college of Information Engineering is to develop graduates who leverage information technology for strategic business values. College of Information Engineering prepares graduates for a challenging and rewarding career in the design, development and implementation of information systems. It is committed to playing a significant role in the continuous creation, renewal and dissemination of Knowledge in the discipline of information and communication systems.

The College of Information Engineering dedicates itself to remain faithful to the following:
  • The College of Information Engineering is broadly concerned with the generation, distribution, analysis and use of information in engineering systems. As such it straddles the boundary between traditional Computer Science and Engineering Disciplines
  • Enhance the student ability to analyze and design both computer hardware and software systems
  • Teach students the ICT applications such networking, System technology, advanced programming languages, Multimedia techniques, and software engineering perspectives
  • Train our students with the engineering ethical principles
  • Concentrate spirit of competition and lifelong process of learning
  • Improving academic staff IT skills by imposing modern approaches to education and lifelong interactive learning, as the rapid development of knowledge, science and technology could widen the cultural divide between generations. 
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