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  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
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College is keep to provide textbooks for students in upper primary and by a copy of each student studies. As well as the college library has modern references within the college disciplines and interdisciplinary approach. And it maintains the college's library archive of previous year's questions of the final and most lectures professors.

   In addition, the Central University Library is a good source for books, resources and publications for college students and professors.

    College seeks continuously enhance the balance of the disks that contain digital books and the latest sources and graduate thesis and scientific journals, reports, and make it accessible to everyone.

College offers free internet access for all students, faculty and staff assistant, which helps to achieve contact with academic institutions regional and global, as well as the possibility of harnessing this technique uses virtual library supported by the international scientific institutions.

The college library was founded in 2002 and it contains (18) systematically books and (100) assistant book. In (2005) were extensions to the library to include (29) and systematic book (170) assistant books in various disciplines

In (2009) has been expanded library   to (32) by a systematic book (1756) and copy books to help (479) book by (613) a copy. It is expected that the number of textbooks up to the end of the year (50) books and the helping books to (1000).

The college copies textbooks and increase the number of copies per year to be distributed to students free of charge, bringing the number of copies of each textbook to the rate (50) copies, the college is seeking to increase the number of copies to 100 copies of each textbook during the academic year 2010-2011

    College library owns electronic library in addition to the paper library and contain (27) by specialty (542) title and all of them are available for professors and researchers

Add to college libraries, the Central Library of the University provides a large number of textbooks and assistance is available for teachers and students

The following is a summary of the preparation books available in the library:


Copies no. Address no. Group S
1756 32 Textbooks 1
613 479 Helping books 2
542 542 Electronics books 3


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