The Lab was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research On 02/19/2014. The lab feature 21 computer each with high specifications associated with interfaces to a wireless network and are controlled by a computer and used as a server centrally through the software that controls the rest of Computing (net support school) and it has a smart blackboard opposed optical sophisticated laboratory conditioner in summer and winter and has the devices (UPS) that are highly efficient to keep the computer from fluctuations in the power supply. In addition to supplying computers with the needed electricity to operate for a minimum period of time in case of a power outage.

The laboratory serves a large segment of students to complete the practical side of the course material especially software material, computer applications networks, graduation projects and student research in graduate studies (M.Sc.) for the completion of research projects applied scientific and ideas in the field of networking, plus support and implement the research plan for the teaching staff of the Department of Engineering. Immolation and Network Programming Laboratory

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