The laboratory is equipped with the latest networking devices and a broad range of advanced Routers and Switches, and wireless networks WLAN's, and provides a computer for each trainee.  It aims to deploy networks and communications technology in accordance with the standards approved the scientific foundations by international companies in this field, and works to rehabilitate trainee scientifically and practically the design and construction of the small and medium-sized computer networks and its maintenance.

it can make use of the lab in the implementation of experiments within some subjects as well as to take advantage of it effectively in the fourth stage projectsor M.A. studies.

 The laboratory contains on (2 Racks), each containing the following services:

  • Core switch
  • Two Cisco Routers 1941
  • Cisco Router 2921
  • Cisco Firewall ASA
  • Two Cisco Servers
  • Wireless LAN controller
  • Two Access Points
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