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  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
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Department of Information and Communication Engineering Council
Sq. The name Academic title General Specialization Specific Specialization  Degree 
1 Bayan Mahdi Sabar Asst. Prof. Electrical Engineering Signal processing   Ph.D.
2 Naser Nafea Khamis Professor Communication Engineering  Image processing    Ph.D.
3 Hikmat Najem Abdullah Professor Electrical Engineering Communication Engineering   Ph.D. 
4 Ali Sadeq Abdulhadi Asst. Prof. Electrical Engineering  Communication Engineering   Ph.D. 
5 Amar Dawood  Jassem Lecturer Computer Engineering Microprocessor Applications  Ph.D.
6 Hana Rashid Ismail Lecturer Computer Science Software systems M.Sc.
7 Fatima Abdulnabi Salman Asst. Lecturer Computer Engineering Networks Engineering M.Sc.
8 Mohammed A.Jabbar Hameed Asst. Lecturer Computer Engineering Information Security M.Sc.
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