• Welcome ...
  • Since establishment in 2002 our ambition never stopped
  • Success in leadership evolved college programs
  • Organized laboratories
  • in basic
  • and advanced topics
  • we seek up to date references and our library is expanding
  • Faculty collaboration for elearning methods
  • We periodically hold activities ... participation is wide
  • and effective ...
  • Joint college-ministries projects plan is working
  • we practice ... design ... implement using our own datacenter
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • Talented students are honored for participation in college activities
  • in different fields
  • in different fields
  • We are specialized ...
  • and our graduated engineers are distinguished.


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Communication Dept.   Networks Dept.
  Systems Dept.
Dr. Mohammed Zaki AlFaiz   Dr. Emad Hasan Abowd   Dr. Osama Ali Awad
Dr. Naseer Nafia Khamees   Dr. Ammar A. AbdulKareem   Dr. Mahmood Khalel Ibrahem
Dr. Hikmat Najim Abdullah   Dr. Lahib Mohammed Jawad   Dr. Subhi Aswad
Dr. Bayan Mahdi Sabbar   Dr. Rabah Abood    Dr. Rajaadeen
Dr. Talib Mohammed Jawad   Assist. Lec. Mustafa A.Kadhim Nema   Dr. Sami Khadim
Dr. Ali Sadeq Jalal   Assist. Lec. Tabarak Dhiaa   Dr. Mohammed Falih
Dr. Ammar Dawod   Assist. Lec. Salim A.Lattef Mohammed   Lec. Rana Dhiaa A.Jabbar
Dr. Israa Kamel Ahmed   Assist.Lec. Saramd Mahmood Hadi   Lec. Hamsa A. Kareem
Lec. Hanaa Rasheed    Assist. Lec. Ayman Mohammed   Assist. Lec. Zeyad A. Karam
Lec. Yasamin Mazin Tabra  
 Assist. Lec. Zaid Hasan Muslih
  Assist. Lec. Raafat Obaida
Assist. Lec. Abbas Khudair       Assist. Lec. Hakeem Amer A.Ameer
Assist. Lec. Mohammed A.Jabbar      
Assist.Lec. Fatima A.Naby        
Assist. Lec. Raya Kahtan        


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