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Annual Conference  for Faculty Members 
This meeting  for Lecturer of the College of Information Engineering had been held on 10th Nov.2016,  headed by the Dean Dr. Mohammed Zeki  , and the  presence of College council and the  Faculty Members  .
Initially the dean welcomed all the attendants and wished them successful    academic year
 Conference Commenced by discussing  the following pivots:
1- General Directives:
- commitment to working hours  .
- Fulfill the schedule and lectures  .
- lecturers and student behavior  . 
-lecturer's role in creating  an ideal university environment.
2- Credibility  and quality assurance standards:
- Academic standards that accredited on Science  Day.
- Scientific research and the publication  evaluation according Scops and -H- Index.
- The necessity of curriculum completion of  of each  semester.
- Moodle Program.
-Lecturer performance evaluation  according to their achievements during the academic year .
3- Graduation Projects and Theses:
- Introduce research projects (undergraduate- postgraduate) that tribute to society advancement .
4-  E- Government:
- Activate the lecturer's role to participate actively and highlight collage's role in university.
5- College Web Site:
- It should necessarily all the college  activities ( scientific, cultural,and athletics ).
6- Graduates database construction:
- Provide of all information of the graduates and their employment places.
- Attempt to secure job for them.
-  Usable Moodle program  for the student in order to achieve the interaction between students and  lecturers, uploading it on collage's site as well as university's site.
- documentation all the academic activities ( scientific, cultural,and athletics ), Accreditation academic standards of Science day  to preserve the  first rate and enhance the University;s score.
- Activating scientific research and direct it toward applied research. 
- Developing the collage's site through participation of collage's staff   
-  Activating the consulting bureau 
- Holding a workshop in second semester to support the graduates and invite all the companies and establishment that concerned.








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