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In order to pursue its graduate students, the Faculty of Information Engineering / Systems Engineering Department held a workshop entitled:

"Alumni Marketing and Electronic Commerce"

On Thursday, 23-3-2017 at 9:30 pm at the Faculty of Information Engineering / Hall of Professor Dr Mazen Abdel Hamid
The seminar aimed at introducing our students to how to apply for jobs ?, how to write CV?
and to introduce the presence of companies and institutions present in the workshop on the specialities and skills of the graduates of the College of Information Engineering.
The workshop was opened with a welcome speech by Dr Osama Ali Awad, Head of the Systems Engineering Department. He presented the workshop's main topics;
- First Topic: rules of conduct and ethics of the profession
- Second Topic: the skills of job search and electronic commerce and explain the mechanism of providing high-quality programs that respond to the requirements of the labour market and the needs of the community.
He was followed by Dr Rajaeddin Abdul Khalid, who explained how to use the product of our college in the labour market? and how to submit and write CVs to provide more opportunities for recruitment and employment of our college graduates. The seminar organised discussions and inquiries.
The college organises an annual marketing festival for graduates on the university day, 2/5/2017. The workshop concluded with the distribution of thanks and gratitude letters by the Dean of the College to the head of the Systems Department and Dr Ragaauddin Khalid.



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